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Visual Aids

I am an experienced autism educator and mother of a daughter with autism and sensory processing disorders.

I make a wide variety of custom-made visual communication aids, suitable for children with additional needs or difficulties with verbal communication.

I am an officially licenced Boardmaker maker, so have access to the official PCS library of images. I can also use photographs of actual objects, if you prefer, and can incorporate your child's favourite colours or characters into the designs.

I make visual schedules, first-then boards, communication lanyards and keyrings, reward charts, token economy symbols and charts, PECs books, visual routines for dressing, toileting, etc., choice boards... whatever you need!

Prices range from €5 for an individualised visual routine to €40 for a full PECs book and symbols, including packaging and postage within Ireland. I will always give a discount if you are buying multiple items.

Please see the images below for examples of my work. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch. I can be emailed at or can be reached at my Facebook page or my Instagram

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